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Cremation Services

Cremation has been in practice for thousands of years, becoming more commonly practiced in this country in the 1980s. Most Christian denominations do not object to cremation; however, traditional Jewish and Islamic law prohibit cremation as a form of disposition. Cremation can be accompanied by a traditional or non-traditional service.

Traditional funeral: A service could include a public viewing with a casket. A service is conducted either in a church or here at the funeral home before cremation.

Private funeral: This service would be open only to those people the family chooses to invite, but otherwise the same as a traditional funeral.

Memorial service: This service, either religious or secular, is typically held after a loved one is cremated–be it days or weeks. The cremated decedent may or may not be present depending on the family’s wishes.

Direct cremation with no services: No funeral or memorial service accompanies this option, with the body transferred directly to a family member or final resting place after the cremation takes place.





The Use of Urns and Caskets
Two types of containers are necessary for cremation: the container to be cremated in and the container to store the ashes. Some type of container is necessary to be cremated in, but it need not be a casket. Options include  alternative burial containers such as a rectangular box made of corrugated cardboard, a cremation casket, or an alternative box. After a body is cremated a container for the remains is required. Options include urns, cremation jewelry, or an alternative container provided by the cemetery.