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Preplanning Checklist

Whether you’re facing an illness, you’re advanced in age, or you simply want to know your family will not be burdened by your death, it’s worthwhile to give some thought to the information outlined below. If you’d like a more thorough checklist, feel free to contact us.

  • Record of vital statistics
  • Wills and legal documents
  • Pre-financing options
  • Cemetery plot
  • Monuments or memorials

  • Funeral arrangements & wishes
  • Clergy or layperson
  • Biographical information
  • Family record
  • Veteran’s service record

Record of personal affairs:

•  attorney
•  accountant
•  executor of will
•  stockbroker
•  bank accounts
•  safe-deposit box
•  outstanding debts
•  credit cards
•  life insurance
•  pension or union plan
•  401K/IRA/retirement plan benefits
•  location of important information (i.e. birth/marriage certificate)